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The History of Belize

    Belize has a rich history which dates back thousands of years, involving many key players including the ancient Maya, European settlers – which initially consisted of shipwrecked sailors and pirates – and African slaves. Belize’s history is...
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The Orchid Bay Discovery Stay: This Isn’t Your Average “Property Tour”

    Are you considering buying a vacation home to make lifelong memories with your family? Looking to live out your retirement years in paradise? Exploring the idea of relocating full-time or part-time to Belize?
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Belize vs Costa Rica Real Estate: Where Should You Own a Home?

    North Americans are increasingly choosing to buy real estate in Central America and for a good reason. Central America attracts retirees and expats because of its warm, tropical climate, close proximity to the U.S, low cost of living, and...
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Belize vs Panama Real Estate: Which Location is Right for You?

    Many North American retirees are increasing buying real estate in Central America with the goal of living in a tropical paradise with a lower cost of living than the United States. With their close proximity to the U.S, rise in modern...
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What You Need to Know About Healthcare in Belize

    If you’re considering a visit or a move to Belize, rest assured that most minor ailments can be treated quickly and cheaply at doctor’s offices and clinics that can be found in all but a few remote areas. People who suffer from serious...
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Explore Houses for Rent in Corozal Belize

Isn't surprising how a small country like Belize can turn out to be such a hot-favorite destination for vacationers and retirees from the developed world? This is more so with North Americans. People from that part of the world are flocking to...
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What to Consider Before Living in Belize Gated Communities for Retirement

You spend your whole life working hard towards retirement and vacation time. Then, when we finally get to that point, we are plagued by new questions.
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The Best Condos in Belize for Retirement and Vacation

Like many other people, retirement is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s thus not surprising that a significant majority prefer to buy a condo as their post-employment house or vacation house. Living in a condo is not...
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