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Retire in Belize: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Chris Williams on Apr 9, 2019 2:05:57 PM



After years spent chasing your dreams of success, now it’s your time to live out your dreams. You’ve worked hard, sacrificed time spent with your family to put in long hours at the office, built up your wealth, and now retirement is finally on the horizon.

Relaxation and retirement go hand in hand. You’ve probably taken many vacations over the years with family and friends to unwind from daily stresses and reconnect with loved ones. With retirement nearing, you’ll have unlimited free time on your hands, so why not be on a perpetual holiday by owning your own vacation home? Sure, there are many destinations you can choose from on where to retire; however, Belize should be to the top of your list.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why so many people are now choosing to retire in the tropical paradise of Belize.

1. Ideal Weather

The older we get, the colder our bodies feel. That’s why people tend to retire in warm-weather locales. As Belize boasts an average high temperature of 84 degrees all year-round, shorts, summer dresses, and flips flops become your wardrobe staples, while you can leave your heavy coats and sweaters behind.

2. English Speaking Country

Unlike most other Latin American countries, Belize is an English-speaking nation. Although Spanish is widely spoken too, you can count on all street signs, restaurant menus, official documents, and more – to all be in English, which makes it convenient to dine, shop, ask for directions, and go about your daily life here, without having to learn and master a second language.

3. A Short Flight From The U.S.

If you choose to live in Belize full time during your retirement, you’ll want to make sure that family and friends come to visit often. Or, if you plan to live in your vacation home part-time, and want to rent it out to others periodically, you want to make sure it’s easily accessible to get there. Luckily, Belize is only a two-hour flight from Houston, TX, and less than five hours if flying from New York.

4. U.S. Dollars Are Accepted

Although Belize has its own currency, you can pay for anything in U.S. dollars, except for government transactions, such as court and post office fees. This is a huge bonus as you and your visitors can avoid the hassles and rates of having to exchange currency. While U.S. Dollars are welcome in all restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and gas stations, U.S. coins are not.

5. You’ll Never Get Bored

Belize is an exotic and culturally diverse destination with a rich history. There are beaches, rivers, rainforests, ruins, mountains, caves, and the second largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. You can also easily cross the border into Mexico to experience even more things to do, see and explore.

Is Belize a Safe Place to Live and Retire?

This is a question that is brought up frequently, as Belize does tend to have high crime rates. However, it’s important to note that the overwhelming amount of serious crimes happen in Belize City or by the Guatemalan border, which skews the numbers for the entire country. Violent crimes against expats and tourists are extremely rare, and visitors typically feel very safe outside of the capital city.

What Do You Need to Know Before Retiring in Belize?

No matter where you decide to live out your golden years, there are pros and cons to every locale, and Belize is no exception. As we’ve already listed the top benefits of retiring in Belize, to manage expectations, let’s review some of not-so-good aspects of it.

As with most Caribbean countries, the pace in Belize moves very slow compared to the U.S. This requires patience and can take some time for expats to get used to. Additionally, loud birds are a way of life on Belize, and you can expect to be woken up in the early morning by these noisy feathered fellows.

Shopping in Belize can be usual, even a bit tricky. As there are no big department stores, most of your purchases will be made in small shops. You may also find yourself buying undergarments at a bakery, car insurance at an auto parts store, and phones at a hotel gift shop.

Speaking of shopping, check your canned goods before buying. It’s common to open food cans and find that they are empty, or contain a different food than what’s on the label. Be sure to shake your cans at the grocery store to make sure you’re not buying an empty can, even if it’s an item packaged by a U.S. brand.

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Where Should You Buy a Retirement Home in Belize?

If you are looking for a Caribbean setting with North American comforts, then Orchid Bay should be your top choice. It is located on the Bay of Chetumal, a sheltered inlet of the warm, inviting and beautifully colored Caribbean Sea. You can take in the stunning views, cooling breezes, and the endless number of activities offered.

Some of the many amenities offered as part of the Orchid Bay community include:

  • Tradewinds restaurant, which is located on the beach, offers farm-to-table flavorful dishes and specialty cocktails.
  • Orchid Bay Beach Club provides a peaceful setting for community members to gather for dining, entertainment, and activities. You can enjoy swimming in the infinity pool, sip on a drink from the pool bar or swing bar, or end your night by the fire pit.
  • Orchid Bay’s first-world infrastructure includes underground electric power, reverse osmosis drinking water, and a U.S. approved wastewater treatment plant.
  • Orchid Bay’s reliable Wi-Fi allows you to surf the Internet, trade stocks, and communicate with your loved ones back home, all from your own tropical paradise.
  • Orchid Bay will soon be opening its own on-site medical clinic called Dr. Joe’s Clinic, founded by a U.S. emergency medicine physician.
  • Enjoy shopping at the big name stores you’re used to back home, including Home Depot, Walmart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, and more – which are all located just across the bay in Chetumal, Mexico.
  • With seven miles of coastline, there is no shortage of beaches for you to enjoy at Orchid Bay.
  • Take in nature, see hundreds of bird species, lovely orchids, and get some exercise while hiking along Orchid Bay’s reserved nature paths.
  • Sit on the dock of the bay – aka Pescadores Dock –which is a small boat dock that features a bar, hammock, and spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

Orchid Bay offers Beachfront Condominiums and Casitas, Waterway Villas, and home sites and lots where you can build your own custom home. Home prices range from around $200k – 600k.

Retire in paradise by owning a home at Orchid Bay in Belize. Whether you want to live here full-time or part-time and rent out your home to offset the cost of ownership, it’s a wise real estate investment that you can pass down to your children. The best part about owning a vacation home and retiring in Belize is that it provides a beautiful setting to get all the kids and grandkids together during school breaks and holidays, while making precious memories for all.

Download your free brochure below to see what retirement could be like at Orchid Bay.

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