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The Best Condos in Belize for Retirement and Vacation

Posted by Kyle Stout on May 2, 2017 10:34:00 AM
Kyle Stout

Like many other people, retirement is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s thus not surprising that a significant majority prefer to buy a condo as their post-employment house or vacation house. Living in a condo is not for everyone these single buildings or community of buildings with distinct units owned individuals present unique opportunities to enjoy your retirement. These types of houses come with numerous compelling benefits.

Security is one of the major benefits especially if the condo is located in a gated-community like Orchid Bay. Other benefits include relatively low maintenance costs, presence of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, community clubhouses and so on.

Talking of Orchid Bay, why are so many North Americans choosing this location in Northern Belize as their preferred retirement and vacationing destination? In fact, why are they opting for country in the first place? The reasons are many and varied. If you consider the following highlights you’ll agree with these informed people that this is an amazing destination to buy your retirement condo or to just come to unwind here during your vacation. Check the following facts about Belize.

Excellent retirement program

Did you know this country has some of the best retirement programs in the world? The Qualified Retired Persons' Program program is a government initiative through which qualified retirees and people over 45 years of age are given tax exemption on all income derived from sources outside this country. This is irrespective of whether such income is passive or earned or it is remitted to Belize or not.

There are a few requirements that you should fulfill to be eligible to join this program. Other than the age requirements mentioned earlier you also need to have a monthly income of at least $2000 among other minor requirements.

People Speak English

Retirement might not be the best time to go learning a foreign language in a foreign country. You want to have the best of times without an additional bother. People here speak English. This is another reason why many Northerners are flocking here. Granted, though many other languages are used in this land almost everyone is quite fluent in English. All official communication is done in the language you understand most.

Comfortable Property Rights

Belize is a former colony of the UK. This means that just like the legal systems in Canada and the USA Belize law is based on a system you are quite familiar with – The British Common Law. Everyone including foreigners like you enjoy the same property rights.

There are no restrictions on you owning a piece of land in any part of the country including condos in Belize for retirement or excellent waterfront property and much more.

Very Likable Locals

In general, locals here have a liking for North Americans. Many of the locals have either lived or worked in North America or have friends and relatives who’ve done so. This is a big plus since these natives identify easily with Northerners. In case you hear locals refer to you as a BelAmer know it’s a fond way of saying Belizean Americans.

The natives love making merry and generally being happy. Don’t be surprised by the huge number of festivals celebrating almost everything under the the sub-tropical sun. If you love these kinds of activities this is the place to be.

It’s a Great Place for Your Health

Two notable facts account for this reality. First, there are plenty of veggies and fruits grown locally. These range from oranges, bananas, soursop, grapevine, mangoes, and papayas just to mention a few. Lest we forget this area is home to various nuts and grains, coconuts and coconut water. To the non-vegetarian, you get natural grass-fed beef, plenty of eggs and chicken,

Secondly, the clean, unpolluted air is a big boost to your health. No more artificially controlled climate in your residence or office.

Myriads of Things to Do and See

This gem is a real tropical wonderland. The flora and fauna found here are simply great to see. The region is home to thousands of species of indigenous and even rare flowers and trees, animals, orchids, butterflies and exotic tropical fish.

If you love the ocean and what it has to offer, this destination has some of the best experiences in the world. From pristine white sand beaches to the largest barrier reef in the world you’ll hardly miss something that suits your taste. That’s not all the beaches are home to diverse water sports. You can snorkel, scuba dive, go out kayaking and so on.

Inland, away from the beaches, numerous activities await the willing. You can enjoy rides in the open savanna or hikes up the Maya mountains as you explore the numerous caves and the ancient Maya ruins.

US Dollar is Accepted

Most establishments except government owned accept the US dollar. So you don’t have to exchange your native dollars for you to transact business. You can use your dollars to pay for gas, the food at the grocery or for any of the fun activities highlighted earlier. However, just remember if you are dealing with the Government you better have the local dollar with you.

Well, it’s hardly possible to come up with an exhaustive list of the things that make Belize such a fantastic destination. Wait till you get here you’ll agree with us that what’s highlighted here is just a drop in the ocean. So why is Orchid Bay a great place to buy condos in Belize for retirement?

Why Orchid Bay?

We have a solid history as one of the premier master-planned communities in northern Belize. We were featured on House Hunters International in 2010 as a result of our high-quality houses. Since then we have expanded our range to offer better homes with the latest designs to suit varying tastes.

Our kind of property includes our new Bungalows, Beach Front Casitas, Beachfront Condominiums, Vacation Rentals, and Waterway Villas. Welcome to Orchid Bay the premier community in this part of Central America.

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